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Nov 29, 2022

Vancouver. The City of the Extraordinary.

Vancouver is a series of breathtaking moments made from the combination of a shining city, and its unrivaled surrounding natural beauty. A city where the beach, the forest, and the mountains come together, Vancouver's natural beauty is as diverse as the friendly people who live there.

Every person you encounter is ready to share their passion for a life made remarkable just by being a Vancouverite. The city is home to thriving Chinese, Indian, and Filipino communities, to mention a few, and more than 40% of its citizens were born outside of Canada. Fun fact, the California Roll (we love sushi) was actually invented in, you guessed it, Vancouver!

When visiting, you will truly understand why Vancouver is consistently in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world (ranking third in 2022).

Here are some of shoopits favorite sites and sights in “Hollywood North”  (the city is home to the third-largest film and television production industry in North America, after LA and New York) 

Stanley Park An enormous natural forest, miles of coastline, stunning beaches, a magnificent seawall, and some of Vancouver's best walking paths. It's hardly surprising that Stanley Park is considered one of the top metropolitan parks in the world given that its 400 hectares of parkland draw close to eight million visitors annually. Check out the city Aquarium, go for a swim, book a picnic area or visit The Teahouse. The most visited site in British Columbia, where Vancouver is located a are the nine totem poles at Brockton Point - as Stanley Park is located on First Nation land, no visit is complete without seeing them.

Granville Island From an industrial wasteland to one of Vancouver's most cherished public areas. This is what successful urban regeneration looks like. This unique site, located in an urban, waterfront position and steeped in a strong industrial and maritime heritage, attracts millions of tourists each year from Vancouver and throughout the world - festivals, food markets, art galleries and some of Canada’s best designers on show. Yes, please. And lots of it. 

Odd Society Spirits “Small-batch craft distillery” is music to our ears. A combination of old world distilling techniques and cutting edge ingenuity, each of their spirits and yep, cocktails, is a little party for your taste buds. Canadian Rye whiskey, we definitely love it. But whatever your tipple of choice is, they have a real eye (or tongue?) for the unusual when it comes to getting the best out of their ingredients. Whether the subtle Wallflower Gin or the raw and ferocious Mongrel (100 proof alcohol…proceed with caution!), you’ll definitely find your flavor. Cheers!

Hawksworth Restaurant The city of Vancouver is home to thriving Chinese, Indian, and Filipino communities, to mention a few, and more than 40% of its citizens were born outside of Canada. At Hawksworth (voted best restaurant in Vancouver, and 3rd best in Canada!), only the freshest ingredients, many which are locally grown, will do. Their award-winning wine list has something for every palate and mood. Looking for a date-night restaurant? This is the one. Bon appétit. You’re going to love the entire experience.

The Loden This luxurious (and pet friendly!) hotel is considered one of the best boutique hotels the city has to offer. Indeed, the list of well-deserved awards it has won is long! The Loden, which epitomizes the west coast of Canada through its thoughtful design which includes natural stone and copper. Its interior is bursting with color, texture, and detail, and their amenities and services are cleverly geared toward your health. You’ll be happy to unwind here after a day of exploring the city!

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