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Nov 15, 2022

Sydney mate!

If you check out Sydney’s city tourism website, you’ll see that their slogan is "Feel New" (we like!). They’re pretty spot on with their tagline, spending time in Sydney and with amazing Sydneysiders (as the locals are known) will see you having brand new, once in a lifetime, mind blowing experiences pretty much at any given moment! 

The locals have a real appetite for life and appreciation of their city's beauty, which kind of makes sense when living somewhere which is, for a lot of people, quite a long journey. But the incredibly friendly Sydneysiders have got it right. They know how to live and know how to do it well!  

Some practical Sydney info: thongs are worn on your feet (flip flops/sandals), a place called a “hotel” is sometimes just a pub or bar (no accommodation) and swimsuits are called “bathers”. And if somebody asks “how you goin mate?” they want to know how you’re doing (we told you they were friendly). You’re welcome! 

Here are some of our favorite spots in Sydney, The Emerald City or The Harbour City (depending on who you ask):

The Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo and Bondi Beach should all be on your list. These icons of Sydney are of course not-to-be-missed types of places. But make sure you check out some of the lesser touristy spots like Tamarama or Manly Beach. Or quirky Newtown for its vintage shopping.  

Underwater Scooter Tour We’re pretty sure we saw this in a Bond movie. Get up close and personal with the reefs and their ocean life, while scooting around underwater with a motorized, handheld propulsion machine. Honestly, we struggled to define this one. It has to be seen. Better yet, experienced!

Aria Well, this restaurant describes itself as “Unmistakably Australian. Quintessentially Sydney.” and for that, we love it. With breathtaking views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, this award-winning restaurant is right up there with the best of them. We highly recommend the tasting menu with wine pairing (make sure you get a cab there)

CIRQ Bar & Lounge Head up to the Crown Sydney's 26th floor in Barangaroo. This rooftop terrace is filled with flowers, trees and plants and boasts one of THE best views of the city we ever saw. Inventive cocktails made with Australian botanicals are the must-haves. This is a 5-star Sydney experience if there ever was one. If you can pronounce it, you should definitely try the Pyrophoric Boulevadier cocktail!

Vibe Hotel Well, it’s in the name, right? A true taste of authentic Sydney Cool. We love CIRQ but these guys also know how to do a rooftop bar (and swimming pool) REALLY well. Perfectly positioned in the heart of Sydney CBD, it’s surrounded by city landmarks such as Hyde Park, Chinatown, and Sydney Tower as well as minutes away from the exciting suburbs of Surry Hills and Darlinghurst. We love the design and can’t wait for our next stay!

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