In depth · 3 Min read

Nov 24, 2022

So how does shoopit do its thing? Let us take you through the magic

The internet is a weird and wonderful place, that’s a given. But there’s a significant gap between the way it works today and the way it was intended to be. Sound complicated? It’s actually more simple than most people realize.

Online searches have been a huge help for many of us over the years. From finding information for your homework, to discovering the health benefits of a particular fruit or vegetable, the information out there is endless. But are you only being shown a slice of information and not all of it?

As endless as the information out there is, it is also compartmentalized and more and more often, restricted, according to where you happen to be located. So in practice, this means that the products and prices you are shown are indeed not the full picture. This is ultimately to the detriment of internet users and in many cases, their wallets and bottom line. As we’ve always said, we just don’t think this is cool. At all!  

This is where shoopit comes into play - unlike other travel booking websites, we are not just aggregators, we are optimizers. Simply put, we search across multiple local versions of your favorite global websites (just think of multiple websites with .com,, .fr, .nl, .it…….etc, being searched, simultaneously). This allows us, at the click of a button, to find the exact same seat on the exact same flight, as it would be seen from a different location - and what we have found is that the prices can vary substantially depending on where you are based.

For example, by using shoopit for your flight searches, you could end up saving a substantial amount of cash when booking by being shown how much your flight choice would cost for someone searching for the exact same flight from, say, Canada, Italy or the Czech Republic. Cool right?

Shoopit does exactly that - we level the playing field so you get shown prices from across the globe that you can choose from. We all like getting a better deal and for this, we will always be in our users’ corner!

To see the magic in action, head over to or download the shoopit extension and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Your wallets will be grateful!