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Aug 24, 2022

Qatar 2022. Don’t score an own goal.

With the FIFA World Cup getting closer, football fever is rising. With soccer being the most popular sport in the world with close to 4 billion fans across the globe, this is a sporting event looked forward to by more people than any other!

Qatar is by far the smallest country to host the World Cup. Despite its small size, the country will see 32 nations being represented during the 65 matches of the 2022 World Cup. So what are some need-to-know tips about travelling to this gulf state? We’ve included some essentials below:

  1. Qatar does have restrictions on filming and taking pictures, so make sure you have permission before you get too click-happy.
  2. A Hayya Card is a form of Fan ID, which will be required to enter the country and attend matches during the world cup period. It will also provide free public transport access on match days. We love a good savings!
  3. The Qatari government is still in the process of defining policies relating to the sale and consumption of alcohol during the World Cup. Its availability, and associated laws, will be different to previous tournaments. Currently, alcohol is only allowed in certain hotel bars and restaurants (definitely not out in public). UPDATE 18 NOVEMBER 2022: Qatar has banned the sale of beer in its stadiums.
  4. Qatar has some really cool stuff for you to enjoy - one of our favorites is called Dune Bashing - because let’s face it, if you’re going to travel to the Middle East, you’ve gotta see the desert!
  5. Gulf countries have a well-deserved reputation of being shopping heaven - at shoopit we have to say, we kinda love it! You won’t have to travel far in Qatar to reach a mall and one of the benefits of these shopping hubs is the air conditioning as it gets super hot all year round. Check out the Villagio Qatar Mall for a Venetian vibe while you shop till you drop.

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