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Oct 31, 2022

Prague. Czech it out.

Prague, Czech capital and “City of a Hundred Towers” - this city’s charm and historical squares, red tiled roofs, and the Vltava River with its many bridges and long waterfront are picture-perfect. A real taste of Old Europe, Prague is one of those places where you walk around wide-eyed, taking in sights you could think were only seen in fantasy movies.

Indeed, the list of movies that were filmed in Prague is endless - it’s easy to understand why. It transports you into a fairytale-like adventure, sprinkled with delicious food, amazing local drinks and of course, architecture of which dreams are made.

Here are some of our favorite spots in the Golden City of Europe: 

Prague Castle For more than a thousand years, Prague Castle has served as a seat of power for the Czech Republic. The castle is one of the biggest complexes in the world (45 hectares!). It consists of historical palaces, offices, church, and fortification buildings and stunning gardens. The castle boasts what could arguably be called the one of the most beautiful vantage points in the world. You’ll want to take a breath and soak in the view (and whip out your camera, of course).

Prague Beer Tour Fun fact, Czechs consume more beer per capita than any other nation, and as a result, they take it very seriously indeed. Czechs have records of beer brewing dating back to 990 AD, which were kept at the Bevnov Monastery near Prague Castle by Bohemian monks. The Pilsen brewery in the Czech Republic produced the first golden beer in the history of the globe in 1842, giving rise to the Pilsner brand and starting a global success story. Delve into the history of beer, and how it took over the world as a favorite drink, with a beer tour unlike any other.

L’Fleur Featured in the world’s Top 50, this bar more than lives up to its reputation for being one of the coolest spots to enjoy world-class cocktails in an uber slick environment. The "Touch of Sky" cocktail, made with Ketel 1 Citroen, elderflower, peach, violette, fino sherry, white wine, and soda, is one example of their signature drinks. It goes down as smoothly as it sounds. Bottom’s up!

Krcma This bastion of Czech food is a meat lover’s paradise. Among the items to sample at Krcma are traditionally prepared pork sausages, cabbage soup, and ham hocks. Their delicious fruitcake, honey cakes, and che are some of the traditional sweet treats on offer. Delicious draft beer, black lager and local craft alcohol have found a home here, you’ll want to try them all (don’t drink and drive, obviously).

Hotel Maximilian This boutique hotel is situated in the center of Prague among a significant row of 19th-century buildings. It combines elegant design with premium comfort and impeccable service. Whether its brasserie, bar or spa, nothing has been left out when it comes to creating a welcoming, design-led environment for weary travelers. A veritable oasis within the hustle and bustle of this stunning city.

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