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Nov 24, 2022

Edinburgh aka Auld Reekie

Auld Reekie means 'old smoky' and refers to the smoke from Edinburgh's many chimneys - which we think is pretty cool! Thankfully open coal and peat fires are a thing of the past, so there’s no longer smoke hanging over the city, but the name has stuck around.

There are many things Edinburgh is famous for; its literary heritage, historic cobbled streets and striking architecture. Not to mention its world-famous whisky and whisky festivals (note the Scottish spelling of Whisky!).

If you’re a history buff and well, into a little bit of romance, make sure you take in some of the sights and sites around the city about the tragically unlucky in love Mary Queen of Scots!

Edinburgh Castle  Historic fortification Edinburgh Castle, which dominates the city's skyline, is perched high up on a hill overlooking the city. The castle has been under siege numerous times, yet today, tourists are the (friendly) invaders, exploring the grounds and magnificent interior. Don’t miss swinging by the Argyle Battery; the 360-degree views of the city are stunning. You can see why they chose this location for the castle, you could see those invaders coming from miles away!

Johnnie Walker Experience There are few logos as iconic as the Walking Man of Johnnie Walker. Well, it’s been around for over 200 years and virtually unchanged, if that doesn’t say ICON we don’t know what does. The Johnnie Walker experience is located on the equally iconic Princes Street and offers top-notch cuisine and drink on eight storeys (!) of its renovated landmark building. You’ll dive deep and get a great immersive look at the making of the world's best-selling Scotch whisky. Slàinte Mhath!

The Table Interactive. Fine Dining. Experience. Three concepts that we LOVE at shoopit. Outstanding cuisine served in a relaxed setting without unnecessary formality. Located on Dundas Street, in the heart of Edinburgh’s cosmopolitan and cultural city center, the central focal point of this stylish spot is an imposing stone counter that comfortably fits 10 people in front of an open-plan kitchen. Folks, this is genuine kitchen theater, Edinburgh style, and pretty damn tasty!

Ballie Ballerson This place is, and we can’t stress this enough, totally bananas! Whether for a boozy brunch or an evening of cocktails, honestly this place is bonkers. Folks it’s in the name… this place blends great drinks and childhood nostalgia - YOU GET TO PLAY IN A MASSIVE BALL PIT! You read that correctly - over a millions balls to jump into, slides to slide down on and it’s all for grownups! Make sure you book a table or better yet, a booth and let out your inner baller! (see what we did there?)

Kimpton, Charlotte Square Located in the New Town, the Kimpton is perched on the edge of a gorgeous private garden and combines old-world elegance with contemporary Scotland. The hotel's traditional Georgian architecture serves as a nod to the past from the outside, while inside, past the entrance, a glass-topped central courtyard is humming with activity as guests chill with gin and tonics (or Whisky of course) and friends celebrate milestones. 

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