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Dec 27, 2022

Discover Toronto

Toronto is considered to be Canada’s economic powerhouse. With over three million residents, it is Canada’s most populous city - almost 25% of Canada’s population living within a 160km radius of the city’s center.  

With approximately 50% of its population born outside of Canada’s borders, it is also named not just Canada’s but the world’s most diverse and multicultural city! So yes, two words, Culinary Scene, immediately come to our minds here at shoopit (we’re foodies, if you hadn't noticed). This awesome accolade confirms what we ourselves have experienced, Torontonians are beyond friendly and welcoming, making you feel right at home. We love!

Toronto’s skyline, which includes the CN Tower and Rogers Stadium, is just one of many things that make this city iconic. The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), amazing shopping, a beautiful Lakeshore district and the above mentioned multiculturalism make this city, like the Ontario license plates say, truly, Yours To Discover.

Here are some of our favorite spots in The 6 (as Toronto is referred to by Torontonians and also, Drake fans): 

The Royal Ontario Museum Arts, culture, nature - Canada’s biggest museum has got you covered. Whether you want to learn more about Canada or Toronto’s history, hang out with dinosaurs or simply marvel at Michael Lee-Chin’s architecture - this Crystal shaped building needs to be on your to-do list. 

The CN Tower Before Dubai’s Burj Khalifa took the honors, this was the world’s tallest freestanding structure, at just over half a kilometer high! Hold on to your stomachs as you ascend to one of the viewing decks as the elevators operate at speed - the view you’ll get of Toronto and across Lake Ontario are quite simply breathtaking.

The Hockey Hall of Fame With Hockey being Canada’s National Winter Sport, you’d be hard pressed finding a Torontonian, and even Canadian, who isn’t a die-hard fan of the sport. It’s no surprise that a hockey-mad country boasts a Hockey Hall of Fame. Take a trip down the sport’s historic memory lane and marvel at the world famous Stanley Cup, which calls the HHoF home.

The Entertainment District An area bounded by Queen Street West to the north, the Gardiner Expressway to the south, Spadina Avenue to the west, and University Avenue to the east - this area, as the name suggests, is where you go if you want amazing entertainment. Whether a trip up the CN Tower (highly recommended, excuse the pun), a bit of musical theater or a local craft beer tour at The Roundhouse - you’ll be truly, and thoroughly, entertained!

Pinky’s Ca Phe Remember what we said about Toronto being the most multicultural city in the world? Well how about a bit of Torontonian Vietnamese? This spot does incredibly tasty food at a reasonable price. Whether you want a quick pit stop for a meal on the go, or want to sit down for their full dining experience, this is the place for you. Oh and their drinks are pretty great too. Bottom’s up!

BarChef Whatever your preconceived notions are about cocktails, leave them at the door - this place blows everything you know out of, erm, the water? They truly broke with tradition and created a cocktail experience that will blow your mind. They focus on “not only on the flavor and aroma of the cocktails, but also mouthfeel, texture and viscosity” - this place is insane. Go for it and prepare to be wowed.

The Beverley Hotel This spot is situated on Queen Street West, which Vogue Magazine named as one of the World's Coolest Areas of the city. You truly feel the edgy yet sleek side of Toronto in this neighborhood. It offers the ideal blend of minimalist style and comfort. You’ll definitely want to try the coffee at their café called Strange Love, which has achieved cult status for the cool kids on Queen Street. Wish we could get some delivered to shoopit HQ!

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