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Aug 21, 2022

Airmiles are not the only way to save on travel!

We have to say, the folks over at Alaska Airlines sound pretty damn cool. 

As travel seems to slowly be getting back to normal, Alaska Airlines is rewarding their staff who, like a lot of us, suffered through the pandemic, and rewarding them for their loyalty with an uber cool 90 000 air miles for them to use at their leisure. Talk about a company perk!

Unfortunately, not everybody works for an airline or one as awesome as Alaska Airlines that is able to give 90 000 miles of pure joy to their staff. Well, don’t worry people, there’s other ways to save and make sure you’re not overpaying for your flight.

shoopit was created out of a desire to make travel and e-commerce feel like Christmas every day. Out of a shared, human need for connection to the planet we inhabit. And quite frankly, we want to make sure it is as cost-effective as can be. Seeing the world should be made as accessible as possible for as many people as possible - to travel the world, as often as possible!

Shoopit’s cutting-edge technology does the heavy lifting for you, indeed, the heavy searching. We pride ourselves on having the ability to really dig deep into flight searches - because we are committed to helping our users save some extra cash. Spend it on that fluffy toy for their kids, or on those awesome new headphones you saw at Duty Free - you deserve it.

To see the magic in action, check out the shoopit extension!